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30 Seconds To Mars Icon Challenge
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30 Seconds To Mars Icon Challenge
This is a weekly icontest challenge community for the band 30 Seconds To Mars.
We’ll try to make LIMS too ^^
001. Icons should fit the LJ standards (40kb, etc) unless stated otherwise in the challenge post.
002. Your entry must include the img src code as well as the url.
003. Icons must stay anonymous until after the voting. Then you can post the icon wherever.
004. Do not vote for yourself or ask anyone else to vote for you
005. All icons have to be submitted as a reply to the challenge post (not to a reminder post, etc) to make sure the mod will see it and enter it into the voting.
006. Remember, this is NOT a challenge for Jared Leto. This is a challenge for the WHOLE BAND 30 Seconds To Mars
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